Jake Rowe

hairy tattooed bearhairy tattooed bearhairy tattooed bearhairy tattooed bearWant to get sweaty and take your clothes off with this furry, muscle-bear-daddy on a hot summer day? We thought you might. We managed to get Jake up to San Francisco and in front of our cameras for a couple of hot outdoor sex scenes in our DVD “Sonoma Heat: Real Men 12”. In one scene he is swapping fucks with Hunt Parker and the other is a solo scene (available on our DVD “Daddy Flies Solo 2”).

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beefy gay bearbeefy gay bearbeefy gay bearbeefy gay bearbeefy gay bearThis sexy daddy bear came by our studios to get in front of our cameras during IBR weekend. We were more than happy to see this sexy, masculine man take his clothes off, and get hot and hard for us.

Sam is a bottom man who loves getting fucked. He’s also very into oral and can get into a bit of kink. He’s likes furry, masculine, muscular top men. Check out this very hot photo shoot to see him showing off his great dick, and furry butt. Also watch him play with a thick dildo! Sure to make all you top men drool…

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Bald Tattooed Daddy – Mark Orton

tattoed gay bear with big uncut cocktattoed gay bear with big uncut cocktattoed gay bear with big uncut cocktattoed gay bear with big uncut cocktattoed gay bear with big uncut cockSome cocks are just so hot that you’ve got to have them – no matter what! Mark Orton looks a little intimidating with his bald head and body covered in tattooes. He looks like some mean and nasty biker that you wouldn’t want to run into on a dark and rainy night. Or maybe you would. Can you imagine pulling into a rest stop late at night and there you find this bald tattoo daddy, leaning on his motorcycle, sucking on a cigarette? You walk over and say “Good evening,” hoping you can bum a smoke. He just stares you straight in the eyes, grabs his bulge and growls, “Are you going to suck it or do I need to chain you to my bike and ram it down your throat?” Holy!

I get shivers just thinking about it, and excuse me while I adjust the bone growing in my pants. The thoughts of kneeling and slobbering all over this super fat, uncut cock has gotten me pretty excited. I’m off to Butch Dixon to watch this British leather daddy pound out a load.

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Depths of Desire, Part 1 : Jake Dakota, Scott Tanner

Beefy bears from falcon studiosBeefy bears from falcon studiosBeefy bears from falcon studiosBeefy bears from falcon studiosLike all good submissives, Jake Dakota knows what to do when facing a masterful stud like Scott Tanner. Skipping the customary cat-and-mouse choreography, Jake gets down on his knees. He strains to deepthroat Scott’s already engorged dick, pulling himself off occasionally just to catch his breath.

He’s a little piggie at the trough as he greedily chows down, wanting more and more and then, some more. Before long it’s tit for tat as Scott makes a meal outta Jake, slurping up the hardened shaft of his porker and then rimming his hairy manhole.

Jake begs for more and Scott masterly obliges, slamming his dick deep inside the supplicant’s ass. Jake gets busy masturbating while getting his hole drilled and shoots off a heavy load. And Scott matches him drop for drop as he ejaculates between Jake’s thighs before he takes off and walks away.

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Mike B playin' solo – Leather daddy

leather daddy bearleather daddy bearleather daddy bearleather daddy bearleather daddy bearWe managed to get this Bear Daddy God to take some time out of his busy schedule when he was here for IBR to come and strut his stuff for our cameras. We were more than a little excited about meeting this man, and getting his clothes off! Mike is a big, sexy, hairy man (not to mention intelligent and kind). He’s 6’4″ and has a great thick dick with a PA. He’s a total top who likes to take charge. He’s into hot bears, leather bears and leathermen…

Shorter, furry men go to the top of his list. Mike has a partner, so he’s just looking for some fun. Spend some time mulling over, and getting off on the pics of this masculine Daddy in his xxx photo gallery… or drop him a line. We’re sure you’ll be more than pleased!

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Macho Hairy Men – Alan Knight & John Connery

butch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsIt’s always a treat when a gay porn site films real-life lovers having sex. Porn stars are great, but I always enjoy watching how real men are having sex. Alan Knight is a sexy, bald man with a hot beard. He’s solid, hairy, and tattooed. His partner John Connery is sporting a short mohawk and a full beard ñ what a combination! These two sexy hairy men strip out of their leather gear and give us a look at how they please one another during their one-on-one time. Alan is the first one down on his knees, sucking John’s stiff cock and playing with his foreskin. Alan holds John’s foreskin with his finger tips and gets in deep with his tongue. John gives his lover’s big-nobbed cock a swallow. And then, these two horny men take turns fucking one another. And since they’re lovers, they’re not using condoms!

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Burly pipe smoking bears

big muscle bearsbig muscle bearsbig muscle bearsbig muscle bearsDale West and Steve Hurley are two burly pipe smoking bears getting It on in their jail cell. Steve is sitting pinching his oversized nipples with his erect cock standing firm. Dale walks into the scene and Steve takes his thick veiny cock on his tongue, licking him and sucking him down to the base of his shaft. The men are in their leather assless chaps and leather gear with Steve pumping Dale’s mouth as he begs for it on his knees.

Dale presents his ass to Steve on the floor as he bends over backwards, letting Steve drill his hole deep preparing him for a huge dildo. Dale takes the dildo deep as he jerks himself off pinching his nipple. Steve works Dale up to squeezing out his load just before he bends him over again to dump his creamy cum onto Dale’s smooth ass.

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