Josh & Jessie

MenOver30We may have missed Fashion week—bearly— but you’d never know it here this week. That’s because both of our studs are sporting their fur coats. We definitely have an appreciation for two furry men here on MenOver30 and this week we have two of the sexiest. The first is a Utah born native who recently relocated to Fort Lauderdale. He’s hoping to find a greater peace of mind here in Florida which was harder to come by in California where he was living. Fortunately for Ft. Lauderdale, this stud brought his own greater “piece” with him. (—Sound the Size Queen Alarm!) We are talking about, none other than, Josh West who makes his debut with us today.

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Tom Chase from ColtStudio Group

ColtThis has got to be the wildest real estate deal ever recorded! Tom Chase is a successful agent in Palm Springs who has come to expect surprises from his clients. He’s put to the ultimate test when he meets his newest client, the massive Eric Korngold. The air is charged with masculine electricity as these two studs start peeling off their clothes. And then the pool man arrives…

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Dickin' Around

Hot House
Hot House

Rambunctious stud Ty LeBeouf sends a jockstrap flying across the locker room and hits his target, hunky Bruno Bond. “Quit dickin’ around!” orders Bond and the rough housing turns into a hot cock sucking session.

After both cocks are wet and hard Bond flips LeBeouf over to eat his fat, round ass. Before long Bond stands up and shoves his cock in the hole, only to have LeBeouf return the favor. The dickin’ around continues until both guys explode!

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Marco De Brute


Hairy man Marco de Brute is one of Butch Dixon‘s mainstays; this hot, leatherman has appeared on the masculine man site several times over the past year. And when you get a close look at his thick cock, you’ll understand why. When Marco de Brute first appeared on Butch Dixon a year ago, he got his hairy ass fucked a couple of times. But lately, leatherman Marco has been playing top and forcing that thick stump of a cock into some mighty fine butts.

Recently Marco de Brute was paired up with Dolan, another dark-hairy leatherman. After stuffing his big dick down Dolan’s throat, Marco bent his buddy over and showed him how good 8.5 inches feels. Head over to Butch Dixon and check out all of the free preview of Marco’s videos.

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