Boxing Threeway – Ben, Jaxson & Miles

Ben Jaxson Miles butch dixonBen and Jaxson are sparring in the Butch Dixon boxing ring. They like working out together and one of their favourite workouts is a sweaty boxing session. Ben accidentally misses Jaxson’s glove and clips him across the face. Jaxson falls to the ground ñ it’s a knockout! Or so Ben thinks. He calls over their buddy Miles and leans in to give Jax mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When Ben presses his lips against his buddy’s mouth Jaxson slips him the tongue. Turns out Jaxson was just looking for a kiss. By the time Miles arrives on the scene Ben and Jaxson are kissing passionately, so Miles drops to his knees and starts sucking Jaxson’s cock. With two stiff cocks Ben doesn’t know which way to turn, so he just bends over. Jaxson takes care of Ben’s ass while Miles fills his mouth. After servicing both cocks, Ben kneels on the mat and offers up his bare chest as a cum landing pad and both of his buddy’s coat him with their spunk.

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Damien Crosse | Men At Play

Damien CrosseDamien Crosse is sexy, butch and rugged! With his short haircut, beard and stocky build with a lightly hairy chest he looks like a real man’s man and you would want to mess with him in a fight! But when MAP got there hands on him the sexy thug turned into a city gent. He looks great in a suit but the best part of Damien has got to be his beautiful big meaty cock which he just loves to use wherever and whenever he can! One Map member describes Damien “Seriously hot in and out of his suit…with a nice thick cock to get the salivatory juices going! He definitely gets the blood rushing to my groin”. And Damien certainly knows how to use his nice thick cock!

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Frank Philipp and Jean Franco

Frank and JeanHandsome Latino looking Jean catches the eye of fuck stud Frank, back for more action as his thick dick is once again pumped full of blood and ready to get to work on a hot dude. Things don’t get much hotter than Jean, deliciously perfect for a hard fucking, this hairy hunk has it all, hot dick, hairy chest, dark hair and beard with lips just made for sucking dick!! Slapping his meat over that handsome face, Frank gets himself aching for a fucking as he 69’s and rims he way to Jean sliding his cock inside in great positions, giving us close-up shots we love to have!!

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Butch Grand and Carioca

Butch Grand and CariocaUpdate video with Butch Grand and Carioca. Hairy hunk Butch teams up with the gorgeously mixed race Carioca in an intense session!! Carioca’s huge dick wins the day as Butch can’t get enough of it!! His buff, hair covered body begs for it inside him, getting face fucked and trying to swallow it down to the hilt!! Exploring Butch’s ass, Carioca spends ages spitting, licking and fingering that hairy hole, tasting as much as he can before that mighty meat is ploughed deep into it, fucking him into the sofa and opening up his butt, the ceaseless fucking gives one of the best times either have had, and watching Carioca’s defined body flex with each thrust is unbelievably horny!

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Hairy muscle men – Trojan and Carlos

Trojan and CarlosHere in this incredibly hot exclusive “Straight to Web” scene, we not only see these two mega stars at their most intimate, but also working each other over in hot bareback leather action . These hairy hunk muscle studs make your cock stiffen and butt twitch. This horny horny couple let us in to see exactly what they get up to in private. These randy men love sex, and do it anywhere and at any time, loving the feel of their hard bodies pressed against each other. Loving the taste of each others cock and ass, they devour both, getting as much meat inside their mouths and their tongue as deep into each others butts as physically possible. Trojan lubes up Carlos’ butt before slipping his thick uncut cock straight into his guys waiting hole, filling it nicely. Roles are reversed as he then gets the urge to get fucked and Carlo gives his partner an almighty pounding doggy style.

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Bear Necessities

Bear NecessitiesEduardo is catching some rays by the pool and eyeing bear cub pool boy Mark Evrett. Eduardo starts stroking his cock to get Mark’s attention. The cub drops what he is doing and starts servicing Eduardo’s fat uncut cock. Eduardo gets Mark out of his trunks and throws his legs in the air so he can munch on his hairy hole. Eduardo fucks Mark hard until the cub shoots his load. As the very last minute, Eduardo pulls out so he can shoot all over Mark’s furry ass.

Hank Hightower and Dallas Taylor are trying to figure out what to do with their night. Rather than go out on the town, Dallas thinks they should get to know each other better. The two bears start making out and pawing at each others clothes until they are completely naked. Hank and Dallas take turns burying their faces in each others’ crotches and sucking their hard dicks. Hank bends Dallas over and starts working on his hole with his fingers. Once he has the blond bottom loosened up, he slides his cock up his ass and pounds away. The two bears work up a sweat and fuck until they both cum on Dallas’ furry stomach…

Cast List: Eduardo, Steve Holt, Mark Evrett, Hank Hightower, Dan Lyons, Trent Peters, Dallas Taylor, Bill Woodsman

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