Bear Art

Ultimate Dam | bear cartoon art
Artist’s Bio:

I have been designing and creating concept designs for years, using everything I can get to document my work, to get the perfect look and appropriate design.

My passion for developing creative works does not reside exclusively on drawing, it is also means to focus on the entire and well detailed creative process. We all know it is essential to get the best look, but even more important is to give each project a sense an direction that turns a good piece of work into an excellent one. I am always considering new and imaginative ideas, from all kinds of themes, I can design anything and I love it.

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Danny Babineaux | bear art
Danny Babineaux
Artist’s Bio:

Danny has been creating art for over two decades. His art is sought by art collectors internationally. His artwork resides in Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, Costa Rica, England, Japan and the United States.

Mostly self-taught, and with a recent Associate in Arts degree from Miami Dade College, Danny continues to create images that show the beauty of the mature male figure.

Danny loves the “chiaroscurro” techniques where light and dark play an important role in giving a painting dramatic intensity.

His artwork has won many awards in south Florida Art Competitions over the last several years.

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Bound In Ink
Artist’s Bio:

It all started back in middle school when I started taking some Fine Arts classes. My skills began to develop and I started getting more interested into other forms of creativity. There are plenty of methods and media to any kind of art and I wanted to absorb as much of them as I could. During my years in High School I expanded my skills by taking more art classes such as Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, Airbrushing, just to name a few. I wanted to get as many skills under by belt before going to college, because at that time I knew that art was going to be my life. Once I graduated High School, I continued my education in art at Concord College in Athens, WV majoring in an Art Education program.

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LA BRUTE by Simon
If you like BIG hairy bears cartoon, this one is for you. LaBrute is one of Simon’s creation and we can tell from the incredible drawings that he likes what he’s doing. LaBrute is one of those bears you want to cuddle with and at the same time, wants to pleasure. It’s a big Daddy Bear who knows how to play.

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Yvon Goulet
Yvon Goulet expresses the gay life of Montreal on recycled panels. Yvon Goulet is a québécois gay artist which lives and works in Montreal, graduated in art at the University of Québec in Outaouais. Since 1986, he exposes regularly in many countries of which Canada, France, Korea, Bulgaria, Austria, Japan, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina and Spain.The characteristic of Yvon Goulet is that he paints on polyester panels which one uses in Québec during the election campaigns. It thus often arrives that we can recognise in filigree in his art work French words issued from slogans of the various political parties.

Yvon Goulet is an « urban folklorist ». He finds his inspiration in the Village of Montreal and illustrates the cultural events and festive of the gay community. He expresses daily reality and feature the male body. In its works, he represents the symbols, the uniforms and fantasies which are specific to the gay culture. In so doing, he takes situations and imagery reserved for the few and makes them accessible to all.

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